AWS cloud at your service

FiareConsulting is your experienced partner
for deploying and maintaining AWS
(Amazon Web Services) cloud services.
Our team of cloud-experts provide software
migration to the cloud as a turnkey service.
We also take care of infrastructure
development and maintenance.
The availability of your application is guaranteed
regardless of changes in the amount of traffic.

More and more web services and applications are run on a virtual server instead of a dedicated server.
Deploying them to the cloud makes it easier to implement new, efficient ways of operating and
provides flexibility to the system maintenance.
Migrating in a smart way while adopting the cloud benefits can be complex.
This particularly applies to applications with longer history.

In the experienced hands of Fiare Consulting, the migration takes place in a controlled manner
with minimized downtime. After the migration is complete, FiareConsulting will continue
to work alongside you to maintain, develop and consult.
There are many various industries that benefit from cloud services.
We enable you to gain access to the business benefits available through AWS.
Amazon cloud is the market leader and you can count on it. The ever-evolving cloud service bends to many.
FiareConsulting is AWS’s official Select Consulting Partner and Solution Provider Partner.​
We are established players in the AWS ecosystem and may resell AWS services.

Our certified team has a number of large and small AWS software transfer projects under their belt.

FiareConsulting has years of experience in cloud services, and customer satisfaction
is always our number one priority. We make realistic promises that we keep.
There is also an extensive partner network in case there is a need that falls outside of our own expertise.
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We are one of the most experienced cloud service providers in Finland.
You have access to excellent and proven practices.

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We have selected tools that enable us to effectively utilize the business benefits of AWS. We use Docker for virtualization, deployment automation (CI / CD) is managed by Jenkins, and infrastructure is managed by Terraform.

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We have extensive experience in cloud services.Efficient cost optimization. Costs can be saved, for example, via smart and automated use of the spots, the idle capacity in the cloud infrastructure.

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Fiare Industrial Cloud includes the migration
of your services to AWS. The project usesthe pre-
defined AWS environment, tools,and processes.
Benefits: A fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to
migrate your application to the AWS cloud.
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If your company wants to further personalise
your transfer project, our customised service
is available. With our tailored service you can
select the tools and determine the flow of the
project and processes yourself. FiareConsulting
goes hand in hand with consulting and supporting
your own team.
Benefits: Flexible customized project for deploying
AWS cloud services.


Once the application is successfully migrated to AWS,
the focus shifts to maintenance and availability.
FiareConsulting assumes the contractual
application availability and performance, further
development of the AWS environment, and cost.
You will have full visibility into your company’s AWS
by FiareConsulting.
Benefits: Application availability, monitoring and
turnkey processes for problem situations.

FiareConsulting c/o Fiare Oy
Tammasaarenkatu 1 (4th floor), 00180 Helsinki

+358 40 504 8820