The consulting unit of Fiare has vast experience in providing business benefits through software consulting and expertise in the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Our consulting team has number of legacy software transfer projects under their belt. Transfer projects include nettiauto.com by NettiX, karjalainen.fi, avbuyer.com to name a few.

Fiare is a Select Tier Consulting Partner and a Solution Provider partner of AWS and the team holds 50+ AWS certifications.

Why Fiare Consulting?

The foundation of our existence – our reason to come to work in the morning – is to share our passion for software development and deliver customer satisfaction. Making realistic promises and keeping them is key within our philosophy.

If customer has a need that goes beyond our expertise or current delivery capacity, there are a group of partner companies within our network that we can join forces with.


We have done this many times. Years of experience in your use.


Docker virtualization tools, Jenkins automation server and Terraform infrastructure management tools are some of the tools we have found useful.


Smart use of unused capacity – spot instances – may be a key to savings. As a Solution Provider partner of AWS we are able to make competitive proposal from AWS services.


Fiare Industrial Cloud

a turnkey AWS-environment. Tools and processes predefined by FiareConsulting. Most of the scripts in use come ready made from FiareConsulting. FiareConsulting takes care of the transfer project and works together with application team (which may also come from FiareConsulting).

Fiare Ála Carte

when customer wants to be in charge we shall use Fiare Àla Carte. The customer will define the tools, processes and project. FiareConsulting may be filling the missing competences in the team of the customer.

Fiare Managed Services

when the application is made to run in AWS-cloud the focus shifts into availability. FiareConsulting will take Service Level Agreement (SLA) based responsibility of the availability of the application, further development of the AWS environment as well of cost optimization. The customer will have full transparency to their own AWS-account that is managed by FiareConsulting.

Benefits: quick, predictable and cost effective way for transferring applications to AWS-cloud.

Benefits: flexible, tailor made project for customer needs

Benefits: SLA secured availability of the application. Monitoring and processes in place in case of problem situation.


FiareConsulting c/o Fiare Oy,Tammasaarenkatu 1 (4th floor), 00180 Helsinki

+358 40 504 8820




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