The cutting-edge technology, auto-scaling, and artificial intelligence help BloombergQuint manage, distribute and monetise their content.


The Challenge. The world of business and finance is dynamic, and industry leaders are looking for platforms that can keep them up to date with the latest developments. To deliver relevant and current content to their readers, BloombergQuint needed the support of a powerful CMS with a dedicated technology team for ongoing development.

As a result, the creation of topic-based microsites, an effective content syndication system and automated infrastructure were of prime importance to the team at BloombergQuint.


The Solution. Quintype empowered the team at BloombergQuint to create and publish content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

With its breaking news feature, live blogs and auto-scaling infrastructure, Quintype helped BloombergQuint break news faster.

Quintype’s automated syndication helps BloombergQuint syndicate content from its parent site and distribute it to local aggregators like DailyHunt, Inshorts, etc. Similarly, its stock market data integration makes sure that the BloombergQuint site stays updated with market quotes and stock charts.

For a wholesome and seamless coverage of key financial events like budget presentations, Quintype’s simple creation and management of microsites are useful.

As a result, with the help of Quintype, the content could be published as soon as it was created or updated. Hence, the news was delivered within no time as the editorial process was accelerated.

Key Facts

  • Fast page load times: Less than 1sec FCP
  • Complete ownership of technology for the client to focus on readers/content
  • 99.95% High uptime in terms of infrastructure


The Challenge. Distribution of multi-format digital content can be tricky, especially with mobile traffic dominating 56% of all internet traffic. BloombergQuint wanted to focus on their mobile-first design requirements and delivery of content through emerging social channels.


The Solution. Without a powerful content delivery infrastructure in place, even great content will not be able to make any impact. Quintype understands this and has key integrations in place for swift and seamless delivery of content.

  • AMP pages load 4 times faster than standard pages
  • SEO optimised content is easily discoverable on search
  • Share on social channels with custom OGP and twitter cards
  • Shares content through WhatsApp. Facebook and Telegram messengers

Quintype’s modern CMS supports a wide gamut of media elements. This enabled BloombergQuint to successfully launch and run their podcast (All you need to know) and their various news video series ( #AskBQ & The Fineprint). Quintype, along with Avid iNews TV integration, enabled the BloombergQuint team to manage their live TV ticker content from their workspace.

Key Facts

  • Multi-device availability increases traffic acquisition from a myriad of sources
  • 32% improvement in workforce efficiency for distributing content across multiple channels


The Challenge. Publishers are now looking to build loyal and engaged audiences. Personalisation and effective SEO strategies are key tools to enhance engagement. As a result, BloombergQuint wanted a powerful CMS that will support their SEO requirements and help them process user behaviour patterns. 


The Solution. Equipped with Quintype’s efficient multi-channel distribution ecosystem, BloombergQuint delivers to its readers, the news they want, the way they want it. Quintype’s integrations with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Telegram help deliver personalised updates to the subscribers. From daily highlights, stock market updates to news related to topics on their personal watchlist — just by sending one message, readers can subscribe and get the latest news through the channel of their preference.

By utilising MoEngage’s capabilities, Quintype helped BloombergQuint segment its audience and then personalised push notifications and newsletters accordingly.

Quintype helped BloombergQuint customise and control their on-page SEO factors. This optimised their content for both readers and search engines.

Key Facts

  • BloombergQuint witnessed a tremendous yearly growth of 300% and over million users


The Challenge. In view of paywalls facing an aggressive resistance from readers worldwide, BloombergQuint was looking to successfully monetise content through advanced programmatic advertising and paywalls.


The Solution. By offering multiple monetisation plans, Quintype helped BloombergQuint to experiment and see which plan was more suited to their business model. With Quintype’s architecture, BloombergQuint implemented a metered paywall for audiences to sample their content before they buy a monthly subscription.

The BQblue subscription portal for readers to access premium content (analytical journalism, special reports, etc.) offered by BloombergQuint was also set up by Quintype.

Key Facts

  • Experimenting with paywalls to balance reader revenue and traffic acquisition
  • Made BQone of the first financial news portals have metered, pay-per-article and monthly subscription plans on their website