Karjalainen has liberated its editors to focus on their content


As the online newspaper revenue continues to soar and the print revenue declines, Karjalainen took on a new objective ⁠— be digital-first. This vision required Karjalainen to find a Content Management System that would keep them competitive in the publishing world. 


With all the available news sources from international to local news, Karjalainen wanted their content not only to be compelling but primarily to stand out from the competition. To achieve this, Karjalainen journalists should have a platform that would enable them to create content effortlessly and even make it possible for them to broadcast pressing news on the go. 


Focusing on growing its digital subscribers and revenue, Karjalainen has to use its resources efficiently while centring on getting its readers’ attention. Therefore, requiring journalists to concentrate on high-quality content demands an IT partner who will support their requirements.


By letting Fiare do the IT heavy lifting, Karjalainen is now equipped with the right platform for its needs. Through Bold CMS, Karjalainen journalists now have a more agile and more efficient means to create and publish compelling content. 


Karjalainen journalists now enjoy a consolidated view when creating stories. Images, videos, and audios are now available in one place. The Bold CMS article editor features such as article cards, embedded attachments, and live blogs that were not available on the previous system increased their focus on quality content on top of accelerated article production.


In addition to the modular and flexible article editor, Bold CMS empowers editors to control each article on-page SEO, ultimately increasing its search discoverability. 


Breaking news has never been more accessible; Karjalainen can now create their best stories through their mobile phones and ensure readers get the most up-to-date information. And with just a few clicks, the ready-made social media integrations provide more opportunities for Karjalainen to engage with its audience.  


Being a headless CMS, Bold readily complemented the integrations needed by Karjalainen. Fiare effortlessly integrated Task Management View for Editor in Chief, photographer, and journalist, making it easy for them to stay on top of their priorities.


Karjalainen is the leading news site in the Northern Karelia region of Finland. Founded in 1874, Karjalainen is the third oldest Finnish-language newspaper in the country. 

PunaMusta Media Group publishes Karjalainen. Their business also includes six local newspapers Outokummun Seutu, Pielisjokiseutu, Pogostan Sanomat, Ylä-Karjala, Lieksan Lehti ja Parikkalan-Rautjärven Sanomat. Further, their newspaper industry is complemented by the Radio Rex radio channel, which is part of Karjalainen Newspaper.